14N-S+ Convention, Guest Tony Jiménez: The transformative potential of the internet: “From idea to success”


The Internet has changed the world more than any other invention in human history, eliminating all barriers (real and imaginary) and accelerating the development and progress of all industries in a way never seen before.


Tony Jimenez is an entrepreneur whose passion is helping other entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

A first-generation American and son of Cuban parents, Tony is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through technology. He is a venture capital investor, design entrepreneur, and strategist with experience in companies in various industries: music, business consulting, non-profit foundations management, investment management, and real estate investor relations. Currently, Tony is the Director of Richmond Global Ventures, a growing global risk capital fund that invests in technology companies in the US and emerging markets worldwide.

Tony is the Co-Founder and current Director of the board of Roots of Hope, a non-profit foundation that supports the Cuban youth through technology and entrepreneurship. In 2009, Tony participated in the organization of Juanes’ Peace Without Borders concert in Havana, an event that attracted over 1 million spectators, making it the largest independently organized event in Cuba since 1959. In addition, he serves on the advisory board of eMerge Americas, an annual conference that brings together business and innovative technology leaders from around the world.

Tony is a graduate of the University of Florida in Liberal Arts and Sciences and has a Masters in Entrepreneurship from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA.

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