Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!


As we were joyfully preparing to embrace the work of presenting our First International Convention, which will take place today, November 14, as committed supporters of democracy we were shocked and deeply moved by last night’s news reports.

In Paris, the capital of France, where the first cries of “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” were heard –the cries that set the principles upon which our modern, evolving democracies are built- a series of deadly terrorist attacks took place meant to silence the voices of France and of all people worldwide striving to bring those principles to life. Paris, the city that shines a light on the noblest aspirations of the human heart, today reels from a night of senseless violence that left over a hundred people dead and many more wounded in body and soul.

Faced with such an act, our organization stresses once more that we are against all acts of violence, which succeed only in furthering the suffering and devastation of human beings. Violence is always undesirable, as it is only the origin of still more violence.

In a situation like this, we declare to the people and the government of France that our hearts today are beating at the same rhythm as theirs, and that our tears flow freely with theirs.

Somos+ Communication Team



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