Somos+ Official Statement, Sept 12, 2015, 11:55 am

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12 September 2015

Somos+ Movement

Official Statement, Sept 12, 2015, 11:55 am

Given the increasing involvement of people within the country in the movement and the human and professional quality of them, we set this Sunday, 13 September, to hold our Second National Council.

The main objective is to further strengthen our provincial structures and to continue with the improvement and the exchange of ideas between our members. Throughout this week we learned that several people who planned participate in our meeting, including our national coordinator Manuel Días Mons, were “visited” by or summoned by the police.

This morning we confirmed that Yohana Columbie, Municipal Education Methodologist, was detained in the Police Unit of the Céspedes municipality in Camaguey and remains under arrest at this time. She is being helpd to prevent her traveling to travel to Havana for the meeting, in a clear violation of her legitimate right. Yohana’s phone is +53 54247379.

The only way we can explain the various events that have marked the last few months of the repressive atmosphere in Cuba, is that State Security has launched a drive to infuse fear and to orchestrate a sabotage of the process of negotiations with United States and the “Normalization” mentioned by Raul Castro.

Far from being consistent with the demand for the end of the embargo, every day they undertake new actions to assure that the United States Congress will never approve the lifting of the embargo.

This is the cause which we, from Cuban Civil Society, fight for and believe in: the well-being and opportunities to all Cubans.

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