At last we met!!


By Eliecer Avila

In the early morning of today we received a very special person. Yohana Columbie, municipal education methodologist, graduate in pedagogy and theology, mid-level technician in accounting and IT, and many other things… She is a young woman who has not lost at all his time despite living in a small town in the eastern part of Cuba. A few days ago we got the news of her arrest by the State Security to prevent her travelling to Havana in order to participate in the National Council of our movement.

Today what was inevitable came true. We were able to meet and talk for hours, listen to each other, get to know each other better, exchange ideas and make sure that we share the same path and dream. Women like her confirm for me that in Cuba if you propose it to yourself, you can be free, think and speak without hypocrisy. It only depends on your convictions and emotional defenses to face the responsibility of being authentic, of not having two faces.

Welcome to the family of Somos+ Yohana!!

Translated by: Y. Rodriguez

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